Chicago Controls Thermostats: The Ideal Solution for Property Managers

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July 21, 2023
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A hazy pink cityscape.
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July 21, 2023
Bright dorm room with white walls, a window, partial view of the bed, and a desk, PC and chair.
Optimizing Heating and Cooling in Student Housing: A Back-to-School Guide for Comfort and Efficiency
August 21, 2023

Property managers constantly seek ways to manage our properties more efficiently. One area that often poses a challenge is the control of heating and cooling systems. Here is where Chicago Controls Thermostats come in. This blog explores the benefits of using our tamper-proof and temperature-control thermostats and how they can help property managers save money and time.


Why Temperature Control is Vital for Property Managers


Heating and cooling systems are among residential properties’ most significant energy consumers. When tenants have unrestricted access to these systems, they can set temperatures too high or too low, leading to excessive energy consumption and inflated utility bills. Moreover, improper temperature control can increase wear and tear on HVAC systems and even potential health risks for tenants who may not understand the implications of extreme temperature settings.


The Solution: Tamper-Proof Thermostats


Our tamper-proof thermostats offer a solution to these problems. Our thermostats prevent tenants from adjusting the temperature beyond reasonable levels by setting maximum and minimum temperature limits. This advantage not only ensures a comfortable living environment for tenants, but also helps to reduce energy consumption and lower utility bills.


Chicago Controls Thermostats: A Property Manager’s Best Friend


In the world of property management, maintaining control over energy costs is paramount. One of the critical tools at your disposal to achieve this goal is the humble thermostat. But not just any thermostat – you need a solution designed with the unique needs of property managers in mind. That’s what we offer at Chicago Controls. Our thermostats are more than just temperature control devices—they’re tools to help you manage energy consumption, tenant comfort, and, ultimately, your bottom line.


Unrivaled Energy Savings

At the heart of our offering is the promise of significant energy savings. Our thermostats stand out from the competition because of their tamper-proof design. They aren’t just challenging to override – it’s impossible. The secret lies in directly adding temperature limitations to the circuit board. This innovative approach ensures that the set temperatures remain constant, preventing tenants from excessively adjusting the heating or cooling levels. In turn, this leads to consistent energy use and substantial savings on utility bills for landlords and property owners.


Hassle-Free Installation


We understand that property managers have countless responsibilities to juggle. That’s why we’ve taken great care to make the installation process for our thermostats straightforward and efficient. With our step-by-step instructions and user-friendly interface, you can install our thermostats in five minutes or less. We specifically design our devices to be wire-for-wire replacements, adhering to industry-standard coloring and ensuring a seamless installation experience. 


Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to thermostat installations, our user-friendly design and intuitive features make it easy for anyone to install our thermostats without needing specialized knowledge or tools. We’ve put our focus on simplicity, so you can spend less time on installation and more time on managing your properties.


Versatility for Every Property


Every property is unique, with its specific requirements. We meticulously design our thermostats to cater to a wide range of residential systems because every property is unique with its specific requirements. Regardless of your property’s particular needs, our thermostats cater to a wide range of residential systems, seamlessly integrating with 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6-wire systems with no “common” connection. This adaptability ensures compatibility and reliability, making our thermostats a trusted choice for various residential buildings.


Prioritizing Tenant Comfort


While our thermostats limit excessive temperature settings, they do not compromise tenant comfort. Our advanced devices allow property owners to control both the maximum and minimum settings, ensuring a comfortable living environment for all occupants. By balancing energy efficiency and comfort, our thermostats cater to every tenant’s unique preferences and needs.


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A Global Application Across Various Property Types


Chicago Controls’ tamper-resistant thermostats have found their place in a variety of settings worldwide. Housing agencies, luxury resorts, vacation rental properties, and prestigious universities across the globe have eagerly adopted our innovative thermostats. With their advanced features and seamless integration, our thermostats have successfully streamlined operations and significantly reduced energy costs for numerous establishments. 


Whether you’re managing a charming bed-and-breakfast nestled in picturesque countryside or overseeing an extensive portfolio of sophisticated city apartments, our thermostats offer a highly scalable solution. Experience the perfect balance of energy efficiency and tenant satisfaction with our state-of-the-art thermostats.


Now that we’ve highlighted the benefits of our tamper-resistant thermostats let’s review specific models offered by Chicago Controls Thermostats to find the perfect fit for your property management needs.


HC7176: The Versatile Solution


Among our offerings is the HC7176 Residential Thermostat, a completely tamper-proof device that limits the heat to 71F and A/C to 76F. This thermostat is compatible with almost any residential system, from 2 to 6-wire systems, and does not require a “common” connection. The installation process is painless, typically taking about five minutes. With the HC7176, you can rest easy knowing your tenants won’t be able to abuse the system while still ensuring they’re comfortable.


HC7445: Ideal for Free Heat Policies


If you’re a landlord who offers free heat but has tenants pay for A/C, the HC7445 Residential Thermostat is for you. This model limits heat to 74F and doesn’t limit A/C usage, making it perfect for your specific needs. Like all Chicago Controls thermostats, the HC7445 is also completely tamper-proof.


HC71SB: The Energy Saving Option


Our HC71SB Auto Setback Thermostat is another fantastic option. Like our other models, it’s wholly tamper-proof and limits the heat to 71F. However, this model also automatically resets itself to 68F every three hours when in heat mode, helping you save even more on energy costs.


HC7376: Perfect for Elderly Tenants


We understand that elderly tenants may need slightly higher temperature limits. That’s why we offer the HC7376 Thermostat for Elderly, which limits heat to 73F and A/C to 76F. This model operates up to six systems, providing versatility and comfort for your older tenants.


HC7174SB: The Auto Setback Advantage


With the HC7174SB Auto Setback Thermostat, you get all the advantages of a 7-day programmable thermostat with no programming hassles. This model is entirely tamper-proof, limiting the heat to 71F and A/C to 74F. Like the HC71SB, it also automatically resets itself to 68F every three hours when in heat mode.


The Perfect Solution for Vacation Rentals

The specifications for the Vacation Rental Thermostat.

Keep tenants comfortable and save money with Landlord Thermostats.

For vacation rental properties, we recommend our Tamper Proof Thermostat. It’s fully tamper-resistant and can save you thousands of dollars every year. As a rental property owner, you control your energy bills with this thermostat that limits heat to 73 degrees and A/C to 72 degrees. 


Take Action Now: Make a Difference in Your Bottom Line


Ready to take control of your properties? Visit our website today to explore our comprehensive range of thermostats and find the perfect fit for your property management needs. Say goodbye to skyrocketing utility costs and hello to peace of mind with Chicago Controls Thermostats.

Secure your properties, tenants’ comfort, and energy costs control, and invest in a Landlord Thermostat now!