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HC7176 Residential Thermostat

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HC7176 Limits heat to 71F and Air Conditioning to 76F

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HC7176 Residential Thermostat is a completely tamper proof landlord thermostat that limits the heat to 71 and A/C to 76. No more getting taken advantage of by abusive tenants. Our HC7176 residential thermostat is extremely versatile. It is compatible with almost any residential system! It can operate on 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 wire systems and it does not require a “common” connection! Typical 24V thermostat as found on almost all residential HVAC systems. Typical installation in about 5 minutes. Wire for wire replacement in most cases to industry standard coloring. The temperature setting range is 40F-71F when in the heat mode, and 76F-95F when in the air conditioning mode.

UPC: 753182276540

We also offer other temperature limiting thermostats that are tamper resistant. Please visit this page to see all the other models.

Important Notice: Our thermostats will work for heat pumps but if it has emergency/auxiliary heat it WILL NOT work.

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Dimensions 20.32 × 11.43 × 3.81 in
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1 review for HC7176 Residential Thermostat

  1. Frank

    As soon as I installed the HC7176 thermostats, the tenants started calling saying their furnace wasn’t working. Every time I would send the maintenance guy, the apartments were at 71 degrees. I wonder how badly they were taking advantage of me before I installed your thermostats. Legally I have to keep it at 68, I think I’m being more than fair. Most of the tenants have put in electric radiator type of supplemental heat ON THEIR DIME. Gas bills about half of last year! Thank You, I will be buying more soon.

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