We are so confident that you will save money with our thermostats, we are willing to put our money where our mouth is. We will give you temperature limiting thermostats for no up front fee. In exchange for the thermostats that lock, we get half of your savings over the next 3 years…..Fair Enough?

Contact us for more information, some restrictions apply, Not all customers will qualify for our revenue share program.

  • HC7376 Thermostat for Elderly

    Limits heat to 73F & A/C to 76F. Ideal for Elderly Tenants who want a slightly higher temp limit.

    Original price was: $98.95.Current price is: $74.95.
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  • HC7174SB Auto Setback Thermostat

    HC7174SB auto setback heat to 68
    Original price was: $98.95.Current price is: $74.95.
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  • HC7445 Residential Thermostat

    Limits heat to 74 and no A/C limit. Ideal for landlords who offer free heat but tenants pay for A/C.

    Original price was: $98.95.Current price is: $74.95.
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Users can break the lockbox for thermostat temperature control or easily pick the lock used to lock the box. This leads to not only wastage in the lock box investment but also loss in energy savings.

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