What Landlords Should Know About Installing Thermostats for Senior Residents

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February 13, 2023
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February 13, 2023
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March 24, 2023
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Installing thermostats for seniors is an excellent way to save money and keep residents comfortable!

As a landlord, ensuring the comfort of your tenants is essential. With senior residents, maintaining a comfortable temperature can be crucial to their health and well-being. Installing thermostats designed for this demographic can affect their quality of life. This blog will discuss what landlords should know about installing thermostats for older adults.

The Impact of Indoor Temperature on Seniors’ Health

According to the World Health Organization, the temperature of living space is essential for the well-being of older adults. The health implications can be significant, especially for vulnerable elderly populations. Seniors are more likely to be affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures than the rest. 

Temperature control is crucial for health. It helps prevent heart attacks and respiratory issues. Seniors in hot areas must keep indoors cool. Check room temperatures at specific times: 8-10 am, 1 pm, and after 10 pm. Maintain temperatures between 69 °F and 75 °F at night for those over 60 or with chronic conditions.

Opening windows and shutters during cooler nights and early morning hours when outside temperatures are lower can improve indoor air circulation and reduce indoor temperatures, making it even more comfortable for seniors.


Chicago Controls Thermostats are the solution landlords need!

Consistent Temperature is Important for Senior Residents

It’s more than ensuring the temperature isn’t too cold or warm. Seniors have different needs than the general population. They are more sensitive to temperature changes and may require consistent temperatures throughout the day to avoid serious health issues. Landlords must understand that maintaining a set temperature range for specific health conditions is essential for older adults’ comfort and overall well-being.

The Connection Between Temperature and Cognitive Function

Maintaining proper temperature control is essential for seniors’ comfort and overall well-being, encompassing physical and cognitive health. To summarize:

  • Seniors’ cognitive abilities are affected by indoor temperatures that are too hot or cold, leading to thinking and memory impairments.
  • Increasing temperatures and humidity levels because of climate change have amplified seniors’ cognitive decline risk, resulting in early cognitive issues.
  • Temperature control is vital for maintaining brain health and preserving cognitive abilities in older adults.
  • A constant and comfortable indoor temperature will permit seniors to engage in daily activities without fear of cognitive challenges impeding their life quality.

As the world becomes more conscious of the environment and health, prioritizing temperature control will be necessary to prevent cognitive decline and maintain seniors’ cognitive abilities.

Other Health Concerns for Senior Residents

Besides the potential health implications discussed earlier, older adults may need help to regulate their indoor climate for many reasons. Some examples are:

  • Reduced mobility: Mobility issues may prevent seniors from adjusting the thermostat or opening/closing windows, so they rely on caregivers or family members to help regulate the indoor temperature.
  • Sensory impairments: Seniors with hearing or vision impairments may not detect that their indoor temperature is too hot or cold, putting them at a higher risk of heat/cold stress.
  • Medications: Some medications may affect older adults’ ability to regulate their body temperature effectively, making it more challenging to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.
  • Personal preferences: As we age, we may become more sensitive to changes in temperature, meaning that what was once comfortable may now be too warm or cold. Seniors may need help fine-tuning their indoor climate to suit their preferences.

Landlords and caregivers must work together to ensure seniors have a comfortable and safe indoor environment.

Chicago Controls Thermostats for Older Adults

At Chicago Controls, we understand the unique needs of senior citizens for temperature control. That’s why we offer several landlord thermostats designed for this demographic.

Easy Installation

Chicago Controls thermostats are easy to install and do not require a Wi-Fi connection or expert installation. They are efficient and straightforward to set up, taking only about 5 minutes to install. This makes it easy for landlords to upgrade to a better temperature control system to benefit their senior tenants.

Tamper-Proof Thermostats

The thermostats offered by Chicago Controls are tamper-proof. The setting limits are programmed into the PCB, meaning there is no way to alter the setting range without replacing the circuit board, which helps protect seniors from potential hazards and avoids unwanted temperature changes.

Temperature-Limiting Feature

Chicago Controls thermostats come equipped with temperature-limiting features that ensure that your senior tenants’ indoor environment is always within a comfortable range. With these thermostats, you can set a temperature limit that prevents the room temperature from exceeding your selected maximum or minimum capacity. This feature benefits landlords with tenants with medical conditions such as diabetes, which might require a comfortable and consistent indoor temperature range to avoid exacerbating their health issues. Our temperature-limiting feature makes Chicago Controls thermostats ideal for landlords prioritizing elderly tenants.

User-Friendly Interface

Chicago Controls provide thermostats with no security codes, making it easy for landlords and tenants to operate the thermostats without worrying about passwords and technical expertise. The user-friendly features of our products make them ideal for older adults with limited technical knowledge, ensuring they can enjoy a comfortable indoor climate.

Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee

At Chicago Controls, our priority is customer satisfaction. Our thermostats are so reliable and durable that they come with a full 1-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. We have ensured the warranty process is user-friendly and straightforward, adding an extra layer of reassurance for landlords and tenants alike.

An overview of the Thermostat for Elderly that includes temperature ranges and basic installation information.

Save money on heating and cooling while keeping residents happy and comfortable.

Chicago Controls thermostats are the perfect temperature control solution for landlords and caregivers looking to provide comfortable living conditions for seniors. With our temperature-limiting feature, you can ensure indoor temperatures remain safe and consistent. Our tamper-proof, user-friendly thermostats come with a 1-year warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can trust your tenants will be well taken care of. 

Contact us if you want to learn more about how Chicago Controls Thermostats can help protect your senior tenants from potential hazards because of temperature changes.


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