Make Your Home Energy Efficient With a Landlord-Controlled Thermostat

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A vacation rental in a wooded area with floor to ceiling windows.
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October 21, 2022
Radiator and dog
Tamper Proof Thermostats: Everything You Need to Know to Save On Heating and Cooling
November 18, 2022

If you live in a large household, you are likely familiar with the high costs of heating and cooling. Rising energy costs can be challenging for larger households, making it difficult to manage energy bills while trying to be environmentally conscious. However, investing in energy efficient technologies like Chicago Controls Thermostats can significantly reduce the cost of energy bills. As a solution designed to help reduce energy costs, Chicago Controls Thermostats can help households of any size save money while reducing their carbon footprint. Keep reading to discover how temperature controlling thermostats can help lower your energy bills and improve your household’s energy efficiency.

How to Choose the Right Thermostat for Your Needs

Many thermostats and temperature control systems are available. However, when choosing the best thermostat for your home, several factors come into play. These include environmental factors, whether the thermostat has remote control functionality and its ease of use.


Chicago Controls Thermostats, Inc. offers a variety of thermostats designed to meet the needs of landlords and property managers. We mark all tamperproof landlord thermostats, so you’ll always know which offers the security you need. Our thermostats also come with temperature limiting capabilities that can be set directly into the device. These benefits make them perfect for large households where one person may control the temperature for several rooms.

DADSTA Auto Setback Thermostat

The DADSTA Auto Setback Thermostat is perfect for those looking for an energy-saving solution. This thermostat has a built-in timer that automatically adjusts the temperature according to your schedule, saving you money on energy costs.

Residential Thermostat

We design our Residential Thermostat for single-family homes and apartments. It is easy to install and comes with adjustable temperature settings, so you can customize it to fit your needs.

Thermostat for Elderly

For families with seniors, the Thermostat for Elderly is an ideal solution. It allows you to monitor and adjust the temperature easily in your home so that your elderly family members are always comfortable. The thermostat also comes with a preset temperature range, so you can be sure your loved ones won’t get too cold or hot. 


Chicago Controls Thermostats, Inc.’s products provide landlords and property managers with reliable, tamperproof solutions that help save money on energy costs while keeping tenants safe and comfortable in their homes. With these products, Chicago Controls makes managing your home’s energy use simple.

Understanding the Benefits of Landlord-Controlled Thermostats

Landlord-controlled thermostats have several benefits over other thermostats, such as manual and programmable thermostats.

  • Energy Efficiency – Landlord-controlled thermostats are highly energy efficient because they allow temperature control by a third party. This means you can switch off your air conditioning unit when it isn’t needed or adjust the thermostat to optimal temperatures to reduce energy consumption.
  • Cost-effective – Installing a landlord-controlled thermostat in your home can save energy and reduce the monthly energy bill, translating into short-term and long-term cost savings. Save money and invest in other energy-efficient appliances and products for your home.
  • Easy to use – Landlord-controlled thermostats are user-friendly, and they come with features and functionalities that are easy to use. 


Read below to learn about the simple installation and benefits of Chicago Controls Thermostats’ products.

Easy-to-Use Chicago Controls Thermostats

Chicago Controls Thermostats Inc. provides easy and installs thermostats, making them the perfect choice for landlords and property owners looking to save energy costs. Anyone can pick up and use these thermostats without security codes or programming.

The versatility of Chicago Controls Thermostats makes them an excellent choice for any home. They work with heat-only, cool-only, heat and cool systems, and single-stage heat pumps. The installation process is also simplified with clear guidance in the instruction owner’s manual for any configuration from 2 to 7 wires from the heating unit to the thermostat.


With Chicago Controls Thermostats, you can enjoy superior temperature control in your home without worrying about complicated installation processes or programming codes. These thermostats make life easier by helping you save money on energy costs. So why not take advantage of this excellent product today?


Enjoy the benefits of superior temperature control in your home with Chicago Controls Thermostats!

Bottom Line Benefits

Investing in an energy-efficient thermostat is critical in maximizing cost savings and promoting environmental conservation. Choosing the Landlord Thermostat by Chicago Control Thermostats is an excellent choice for the following reasons:



Our thermostats are an affordable and cost-effective investment, helping you save money on energy bills while being easy to install and maintain. They are a significant investment, offering a range of features that help keep utility costs low while providing excellent temperature control.

Energy Efficiency:

Chicago Controls Thermostats provides an energy-efficient device for remote temperature control through a mobile app. This feature is great for renters, property owners, and landlords—it saves energy and reduces carbon emissions, contributing to greater sustainability and environmental protection.


Our thermostats are built with high-quality designs and materials designed to work exceptionally well and last long. We are so confident in our product that we guarantee it will deliver value and long-term cost savings.

Expert Insights:

Chicago Controls Thermostats are highly rated by industry experts and trusted by experienced professionals. They are proven to be energy-efficient, cost-effective, and reliable, making them the perfect choice for property owners who require quality and reliability from their thermostats.

Thermostat infographic

Energy efficient thermostats don’t have to be complex. Buy from Chicago Controls Thermostats today!

Chicago Controls Thermostats offer high-quality, energy-efficient thermostats that are simple to install and use. Our thermostats are cost-effective and provide reliable temperature control.


High energy bills are a reality in large households, but with an energy-saving thermostat, you can significantly reduce the amount spent on utility bills. A landlord-controlled thermostat such as Chicago Control Thermostats’ model offers an excellent option for households looking to save on energy bills while contributing to environmental conservation. With features such as a step-by-step installation guide and a highly efficient, tamperproof design, these thermostats offer cost-effective, energy-efficient, and reliable long-term cost savings.


Buy the Chicago Controls Thermostat today and enjoy superior temperature control in your home!  It’s an investment worth making.