During hot and cold months, energy bills can go through the roof if tenants have free rein to adjust thermostats as they please. For many reasons, landlords should make sure to regulate the thermostat controls for their properties. Here’s why landlords love our tamper proof thermostats:

  • Keeps temperatures regulated. Tenants in your buildings may be tempted to tamper with the thermostats, adjusting the temperature multiple times a day in an effort to achieve the “perfect” temperature.
  • Prevents tenant abuse. Many tenants set thermostats far higher than they would if they were paying for their own energy costs. Don’t foot the bill for someone else’s wasteful habits.
  • Saves up to 35% on energy costs. Our thermostats can save you up to 30% on your energy bills by putting you in full control of temperatures.
  • Automatically resets. Many tamperproof models come with automatic temperature resets, adjusting the temperature every few hours to limit the heating and cooling.
  • No programming needed. Tamperproof thermostats have all the perks of seven-day programmable models, without the need for programming. Unlike the competition, limitations are added directly to the circuit board.
  • Limits heating and cooling temperatures. Heating and cooling limits give you total control. Each model has different limits. Choose the one that’s right for your property.
  • More effective than lock boxes. Lock boxes are a hassle, and aren’t always tamperproof. Opt for a smart, innovative tamperproof thermostat instead of a lock box or guard.
  • Prevents tenant misuse. Many people turn thermostats to extreme temperatures, mistakenly believing it will make the temperature change faster. This quickly leads to energy waste.
  • Something for everyone. We offer thermostats for the elderly, with a slightly higher temperature limit, residential thermostats, and vacation rental thermostats.
  • Affordable prices. We’ve slashed the prices on our landlord tamperproof thermostats as a gesture of appreciation for our customers. Now these superb units are more affordable than ever!

Stay in control of your temperatures and energy bills with a tamperproof thermostat from Chicago Controls Thermostats, Inc. Shop now.


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